Year One: 2010

How the 2010 (year one) growing season went…

3rd August 2010 : This year’s garden successes & failures so far

6th August 2010 : Peas

20th August 2010 : Mmmm…Cucumbers!

17th August 2010 : Yay! Our first tomato!

2nd September 2010 : Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

28th October 2010 : Nighty Night Nightshades

I did end up planting cereal rye in November, which sprouted wonderfully and remained at 3 inches tall (didn’t grow, didn’t die) until we covered it over with soil from the annoying mostly clay hill that did not get leveled until February 2011: three months behind schedule!  So much for being able to do major soil improvements before the 2011 season!

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